Monday, December 16, 2013

My bloggy buddy Deb is hosting a giveaway!!!

 I love Deb because she loves a giveaway as much as I do...I think there is a twelve step program out there somewhere for us and those of you like us
Head on over and enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card AND a $10 TPT gift cert!!!  I could certainly drink up a white chocolate mocha latte and snuggle in with my laptop for ten bucks of free stuff!!!  Couldn't you!!!
Well, Whatcha waiting for... Here's the link...
Merry Christmas and Happy Giveaway Entering :)
Thursday, December 12, 2013

I need some input on Daily 5 and Guided Math...

I know it is maniacal to even be thinking ahead for next year, but I tend to get this way around now.  I start reflecting as the year draws nearer to a close what I can do to make next school year run more smoothly than this one.  I am considering becoming a daily 5 classroom and doing guided math during my math time.  I am a self contained classroom, I know I can accomplish the common core math during guided math.  My concern is how I can make Daily 5 work for me and accomplish Common Core Language Arts standards.  In my mind, Daily 5 affords me a structure to meet with small groups of children and give them guided instruction at their appropriate guided reading levels.  As we all know, Common Core language arts standards are deep.  Currently, I spend about 30-45 minutes in whole group common core reading instruction, then we go to specials and then I do my own brand of literacy rotations/menu of activities.  It is during this time that I meet with small groups and we work on data driven literacy instruction.  This is where I pull out the two sisters materials from the CAFE book and use those to help me formulate small group instruction.  I would like to have feedback on how you accomplish the common core language arts instruction and make Daily 5 work in your own classrooms.  This will help me tremendously as I make instructional and organizational changes to better meet the needs of my students and to make teaching run more smoothly in my classroom.  Any thoughts you have on Guided Math are certainly welcome as well.  Thank you so much for your help!!!

Graphics by Melonheads KG fonts
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Hello!!!  I wanted to introduce you to the Melonheadz version of ME!!!!  Nikki over at Melonheadz Illustrating in conjunction with HoneyBunch Blog Design whipped her up for me!  I just love her so much!  She is even holding a laptop in her hand because I am forever trying to work on the go...I have three kids, a dog and a husband, a home to keep up, a classroom to keep up with, students to manage, papers to grade and the list goes on.  I have to literally walk around with the laptop in my hands and move it from room to room to get anything put together for TPT or to blog...The life of a busy momwifeteacher!!!!
Anywho...Thanks to Nikki for getting this together for me and for enduring my emails!  Love ya girl!!!

Graphics by Melonheads KG fonts
Hey All!  Happy Sunday! 
I hope you are warm and snug wherever you are!  We got some ice last night...I was not expecting this and at 7 this morning when the pelting of ice on my bedroom window woke me up...I panicked and got in the four wheel drive and braved ice to get to the store.  I was out of home essentials...Oreo cookies, Nestle Quik and was running low on TP. In a house of five people (three of those are oreo cookie hounds and chocolate milk-a-holics), you DO NOT RUN OUT OF THOSE THINGS!!!

My hubs did a little decorating before the ice hit...
 He made those trees...didn't even google how to do it!  I am so proud of him!!!
This is the view of the ice from my front porch...It looks beautiful but it was scary driving in it for sure!
So while I was staying home the rest of the day, I was doing my blog stalking reading and stumbled up this cute little switcheroo with a freebie and a giveaway!  Check out Deb and Joey have got cooked up!!!
The writing bulletin board and the craftivity are enough alone to get me reading!!!
Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Currently...

I am a little late to the PARTAY, but its really better late than never at all I always say!!! 
I am so excited to link up with Farley for the December currently!  I wish I could hang with Farley sometime in real time...don't you?  I'd bet I'd be laughing my jingle bells off, ya know!!  I digress, back to the Currently!!!
Can I say how cute this month's currently is btw...I love the font, I love the graphics, I just love love love it!! 


I am listening to my dryer roll and our aquariums run water through the filters. My children are nestled all snug in their beds and no Farley, I don't judge you one bit because my four year old snug and warm in MY bed as I type this...However,  I am a white noise fanatic...Can't do total silence, it is almost frightening...Maybe it makes me feel alone or enclosed...I have no idea, but something like this or a ceiling fan must be on in my house at all times...I know, total weirdee...

I am loving that all my babies are asleep.  Sleep is like contraband in this house, well it is for hubs and me anyhow...My kids like to put it on embargo and refuse to take part in it most nights.  But, it might be time for me to sleep but I have blogging to do and its my motto "I can sleep later!"

So I am taking a personal day on Friday and alls I can say it "MIGHTY WOOT WOOT!!!!"  I am going to take everyone to their usual places and I am going to shop and drop!!!  I am going to get hubs and my little Abby finished and then pick up the smallish things for the rest of our immediate family!

I want to increase my blog followers and also followers to my TPT store  I love blogging and selling on TPT, but I just can't see to do anything to raise my readership...If you want to help me then sign on to follow me on bloglovin and get to my store!!!

I need to finish my Christmas shopping which is the main reason for the personal day Friday.  I haven't been absent in a while so my kids were a little antsy today when I told them I would be out. 

Hubs and I haven't been married all that long, eight years, but we have a Christmas tradition...Each year we go and pick out a live tree.  This was not something we did when either of us were children, but it is something we wanted our children to remember and carry onto each of their families!  this year instead of buying a cut three, we are having one dug for us and will plant it outside our house after Christmas.  Hubs wants to leave a 2013 ornament on it all year round so we can collect these trees and photograph the kids next to them.  Sounds sweet huh?  I am really excited about doing this, and so is our oldest daughter.  She is four and has asked us numerous time where the Christmas tree is!!!  Shes so funny! 
So I am literally falling asleep atk to e keyboard, so night night and will talk with ya later!!

Whole Brain Teachin' BABY!!!

OK!  So my BFF and I did a presentation yesterday for our staff over Whole Brain Teaching...It was awesome!  Our staff had a good time, the remained engaged, we gave our prizes, we laughed...Just some good clean staff meeting fun!  I had been doing some WBT stuff in my room for a little while, up until Becky and I went to the Kentucky Reading Conference back in October.  We were kinda bored really and were contemplating leaving.  But, it was a day without students or children, so we stuck it out.  Boy are we glad we did.  We both teach classes who are talkative to say the least.  We were blown away by these two graphics alone...

Our staff was as well. It was the best  presentation I have ever done!  My BFF and I make a great team!!  She is yin to my yang, my spaghetti to this meatball, she is the calm and I am the storm :) 
Today, I don't know if I was coming off a presenter's high or what, but I was on fire in my whole brain classroom today, AND so where my big kidlings!  I was super withit today and was patient and used every moment as teachable moments.  They got the Guff counter today and were so funny!  At first they asked me to please stop when I was putting the guff counter points up there.  I asked who they were asking to stop and they said, "YOU!"  I said, "I am not the one complaining now am I!"  So they looked at the child who was complaining and in almost unison said "PLEASE STOP!"  I just turned and erased the guff points.  The whole rest of the day was spent with students monitoring each other's behavior and more than once I heard "please stop" and wasn't able to react because the students themselves handled the situations.  I almost and I stress almost don't want holiday break to get here very soon because I don't want the momentum to run out and have to reteach all over again come January!  You know what I am talking about!  Check back soon...I just did a major photo and video dump from my iphone and ipad so I can take pictures of these kiddos in action!  I am such a proud teacher today! 
Go Sharks!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Tomorrow its SALE time!!!

I have two winners in my new product giveaway!!  They are Ursula G and Christie K.  I will be sending an email out to you both shortly!  You are receiving my editable summary pennants as well as three other items of your choice from my store!!  Way to girls!!!
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow will start my After Thanksgiving  Sale at my TPT store!  Click the banner to look around.  I will be adding products each day (Prayerfully) so check back often!  Thanks to all of you that follow me and if you don't, I will be most grateful if you did.  Having this blog and my store to share my craft with other teachers is a blessing.  Likewise, I am blessed to have met some really wonderful people through them!  Happy Holidays my friends!!

Don't forget to shop on Monday and Tuesday for even more savings!  Use promo code CYBER at check out for an additional 8% off from TPT!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I love new teachers!!!

One of the best things about my job as a 13 year teacher (I'm not a veteran until I hit the 20 year mark) is new baby teachers!!!  I have had 2 of the most awesome student teachers ever, a teacher intern (who is now the preschool teacher of my daughters) and I have hired a few as a school council member!  I love how every year, they just get better and better.  I read Kayla Roots blog and she just passed her praxis and is completing her student teaching and I have fallen in love with some of her products.  I think based on her project work alone, I would hire her if I was a principal or she interviewed for my council!  She is having a celebratory giveaway over at her blog...This is what you could win!  I have entered because I am such a digital graphics NERD!!!

Here is link to the giveaway!

It has one day left!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love the new little activity...

Hello everyone!!!
I just posted the cutest little activity that you can do year round in your room.  It is completely editable for any book you choose to use it with!!!
Pennant Flags for Summarizing!!!
I customized it for one of my reading groups who is reading Sounder.  This is how it looks, I laid a Melonheadz graphic down and changed the title to suit my novel.  My students each summarized a couple chapters and will hang them up after break!  I am looking forward to how they will turn out! 
Here a picture I took of the student page I edited for them to use with Sounder...
We will post them like bunting as we finish each chapter summary.  It made for a fun way to come to discussion groups and there is a legacy for what we have accomplished as readers this year!  Makes me proud!
I want to give one away as well as 3 other items in my store  because I am so thankful to you as my readers.  Here is what I will do!  Because I am in such a giving mood, I want two winners!!! This will not last long and I do not have much to do to enter to win!  I have been entering a lot of giveaways here of late and they can be exhausting but the prizes are so well worth it!!!
 I will post my winners on Black Friday!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving my dears! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Longish post and a freebie...

Hello out there...I had to blow the dust off my blog today to post it has been so long!  I feel so bad about that.  Each time I sit down to work on plans, grade papers, or create something for my class, I think of my blog and those of you that read it and I just feel bad.  This is one thing that I do not want to just quit because my plate is totally full.  Blogging is so much fun and I have met some wonderful folks so far! 

A peek at life since October (I think that was the last time I wrote a real post)

I went to the Kentucky Reading Association conference on October 21 and went to an AWESOME whole brain teaching seminar.  I love when I go to conferences and I can walk away with something I can implement immediately and costs me nothing!  I was able to go back and give whole brain teaching a try and I really love it.  It really suites my style of teaching and I am not afraid to try something new...So I created these whole brain teaching rule circles and I have them posted in my room...I go over them everyday to remind students of my expectations.  Click here to download them...I love them.  I am giving them to my whole staff when I present the first week of December.

I had a huge success with my two multiplication task card products I posted, I created one for division.  I have had such a wonderful experience teaching division to my students this year.  I hadn't really read closely the standard for division until this year and I wish I had of.  Boy do I wish I had of.  I have been trying to force the US standard algorithm for division down my kids throats for years, and it turns out with Common Core they don't need it until like 6th grade.  It pays to read the standards vertically and not just horizontally!!!  My students REALLY get it, the concept that is, and they are doing division with such a wonderful foundation.  I really feel like I taught this group something...that is such a wonderful feeling for a teacher!  So to celebrate this momentous occasion, these task cards will be half off until this time tomorrow night!

My second daughter started preschool late last month...I can't say enough about our county preschool program.  Her teacher was one of my interns years ago and she treats both of my girls like her own.  Yes, both of my girls are in her room.  She told me it was her first time having siblings!  My oldest is in her last year of preschool and takes care of her sister at school.  She looks out for her and includes her in everything, but the great thing is that my youngest daughter is so independent that she doesnt really hang on my oldest daughters coat tails so they play some together and a good portion of the time they play in different circles.  I am just so fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher for them both! 

Well, enough about me!  I wish each and everyone of you out there the happiest of Thanksgivings...I am so thankful for your readership

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UnWrap Your Freebie!! Love from the Creative Chalkboard and Creative Clips...

If you know me, you know I am kind of addicted to graphics and anything that is FREE!  If you don't follow Krista Wallden, you should.  Here is a link to her little "UnWrap your Freebie" Love A Thon she is doing for the holidays and I am loving it!!!
Her stuff is so cute! 

Tobi :)
Friday, October 25, 2013

Series #2 Halloween Multiplication 2 digit times 2 digit Task Cards

I love me some task cards.  It's one of the first purchases I made on TPT!!  I love their versatility more than anything!!!  I like handing them out for exit slips!  Quick and dirty assessment and I know where you are!!!  Plus, I can give different ones to different kiddos and no one can CHEAT!! 
Here is the 2 digit times 2 digit set I created for the season.  This accompanies my multi digit times 1 digit set.  Yes, I do plan to bundle them for a lower price!!!

My kids loved the first set and are looking forward to this set on Monday!  They saw me working on them today at recess.  They said, "Mrs. Sadler, you make the cutest things!!!"

Tobi :)
Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trick or Treat Blog Hop from the Teaching Tribune...

I have just collected the most amazing freebies from this blog hop! Click on the pic to be taken on a trick or treat freebie adventure!!

Go check it out and share the love!!!!
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Duck Dynasty Day at Shearer Elementary

This was a very fun day for our students!!  Everyone really embraced the day. And, how often is there a reality show that famines can sit down and watch together. That is my love affair with the Robertson, loving and devotion to family and the good Lord.  See how our Shearer Family embraced the day!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Appy Hour is HERE!!!!! My first linky!!!

To kick off this weekly linky party, I am going to start off with one of my favorite apps to use in instruction, the Show Me app
Click on the icon to be taken to the webpage.  This FREE app is versatile and allows students to be able to show their work and begin working on something else.  They are able to show their work and wait for me to circulate to them.  Then I can see their work in action.  While they are waiting for me, they can play another math app/game to reinforce computation skills.  I like Sushi Monster from Scholastic
Even though my four year old can't do computation, she likes this app and with my help she can be successful. 
I hope you link up with me so we can get more than instructional apps in classrooms!!!
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

K5 Learning...Blog Review Freebie...

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students.  I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program.  If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their  open invitation to write an online learning review of their program. - See more at:

I am going to put one of my students who helps me out afterschool along with my niece who is in K and stays with me every afternoon.  This preview/free trial will in no way influence the content of this blog.  I will be honest with my opinions of this or any program! 

Tobi :)

Halloween Multiplication Task Cards...

Have you ever made something more difficult than it had to be?  I do this all the time, literally all the time!  I had started these task cards back in JUNE!  I love holiday themed products and it was one of the first things I started working on when I entered the BIZNIS world of TPT.  Well, I wanted the questions to be just right (which is why I am struggling with literacy task cards) and I most certainly don't want to infringe copyrights...SSOOOOOO, I just put it away and decided to work on it later. 

Then today, later came knocking on my classroom door and I needed task cards to play a game of scoot.  BUT, we have been working on computation fluency and I wanted to honor that so I changed "Scoot", to "Mozy Along and Work At Your Own Pace" (MAWAYOP...I don't think any acronym could be applied to that :))  Anywho, the kids liked working in that atmosphere and loved helping one another work through the standard algorithm for multiplication.  I was crabby today and didn't take any pictures, but we will play again because we didn't get finished today and I will include pictures of students doing what students are supposed to be doing...workin'!  

Here is the product and it will be 50% off for the first 24 hours of posting. 

Tobi :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yeah!!!!! Monday Made It!!!!!!!

I love the second Monday of the month!  I look so forward to linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it!!! 

I have two Monday Made Its today.  I can only claim that I made one of them.  My supremely talented sister in law Lori at "Wonderopolis" made the others for me!!

My daughter, Abby, turned three and I love making custom invites and party favors for each of my kids.  I like to  make as much of their party d├ęcor as possible, but with teaching and managing my home and family, it gets crunchy. So, I made these two things and treat bags!!


 This is my oldest daughter making cupcakes for her sister.  We used that new Pillsbury happy birthday funfetti icing in colors.  We chose purple for Sophia the First!! 
Here is my tiny birthday girl!  She rarely ever sits still for a pic!!!  She is wearing #2 of my Monday Made Its!!
My Sister-in-law, Lori, has started embroidery and making bows and a host of other creative endeavors.  I am fortunate that she allows my kids to model her latest creations! 
She whipped up this little birthday shirt in like a half hour!!  Hair bow too!!
 These two are precious.  Shed been planning this  one for a while.  Abby will wear this to her preschool entrance evaluation!!!
 These are my babies Halloween shirts.  We are Disney Freaks around this house and everyone knows it.  Lori saw this on her embroidery sites she visits.    She said "get the patterns and the shirts and I'll make them up!"  My oldest has already worn hers to school and everyone loved it!!
Her blog "Wonderopolis" will be up an running soon so you can see all the wonderful things she and my brother can create!!
Those are my MMI's...Can't wait to see what you link up!!!
Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shearerly Sadler is Having A SALE!!!!!!!

I feel like I am now are part of the teacher blogging community!  I am throwing a sale at Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I just added a new product that my students L-O-V-E with a large puffy heart love!!!  They ask to play this game EVERYDAY!   No lyin'!!
I am so grateful to each one of you that is following this little blog.  I started this blog because it looked like a cool thing to do, but I love all the connections I have made so far and all the different things I have learned!  Deb Hansen, thank you for all the exposure you have given me on your blog, that has meant the world to me! 

Tobi :) Shearer-ly Sadler 4th Grade
Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Bloggy Buddy Just Turned 1,000!!!

Click on the image above to hop over to Deb's blog and enter her 1000 TpT follower giveaway!  I and several other TpT sellers have donated resources to Deb's giveaway, so there's lots to be won! 
Raffle #2
One winner will receive all of this: 

Good luck!

Graphic Credits: 
Mini-Me by The Library Fox
Bubbles Background by Krista Wallden
Frame by Lovin Lit