Monday, March 28, 2016

Interactive notebooks

Anyone using interactive notebooks?  I've been browsing them on Pinterest after Angie Olsen's newsletter from March came out...I've have an interactive notebook set from Nicole Shelby for all of language arts.  Its great in content, but I can really figure out how to fit them into guided reading whole group time frame.  I can see the use for sure, but my days are pretty strict.  I look forward to reading your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Thursday, March 10, 2016
 So!  I had a pretty decently working laptop computer...until a liquid spill happened and can probably tell what I am doing right now.  I am installing all my wonderful digital publishing stuff onto a new computer.  And let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating to me than Windows 10 and the changes to all the easy things I was used to on Windows 7...which is what makes me want a mac more than ever...well, I guess there is the Mrs. Sadler's Savings Plan...Don't think the Mac would have magically shielded itself from the spill, but I am sure hooking up a new Mac is not nearly as frustrating as hooking everything back up on a new operating system that is so drastically different than its predecessor.  

I have some new news....I am BACK IN SCHOOL!!!   I have been for about three semesters.  But I know for sure I have found the exact right fit for me...Certified Elementary School Counselor.  And to throw some really yummy frosting on that dream cake, where I live, school counselors can now hold the title of Registered Play Therapist or RPT for short.  (I do love letters behind my name.)  Then when the reality hits that I might leave the classroom, I get a pain in my heart that I can't quite explain...

Last but MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST!  My second graders took their MAP assessment today.  This is their Measures of Annual Progress Assessment and they take it three times a year.  Today on the math portion, my kids brought the lighting, rain and thunder!  The worked so hard and did their absolute best.  I was never more proud of a group of my students than I was today.  Felt good to see some really hard work pay off for all of us!  Now onto our student growth assessments for the teacher evaluation system.  Its just a piece of the puzzle.  But, one that I am focused on getting a good score!