Thursday, July 31, 2014

Creative Playground Blogger Product Swap...


What a fun time I had reviewing Paula Shaw's products with the Creative Playground Blogger Product Swap for Back To School.  Paula shared with me a wonderful little Goldilocks and the Three Bears Product for writing a fairy tale.  I have a kindergartner who loved looking at the pictures of the bears and Goldilocks.  She especially loved playing with the puzzles and putting the events in sequence. This video shows her working on the matching portion, using fine motor skills, sequencing, describing story events...Its a pretty long list for a little girl who just got out of preschool.  I like how she used her own schema to connect the story to her own "Daddy Bear" who comes to sit in his chair each night after a long day at work.  

Another thing I enjoyed about the product is how colorful it is.  An added bonus are the Melonheadz Illustrated Graphics she used in the product.  I love Melondheadz...they added just the right amount of whimsy to an already sweet and playful fairytale. 
The directions are easy to follow and there is so much presented in the package that you dont have to do it all or you can...You will get so much for your money's worth.  
Here is one of the parts I can do with my second graders...the story sequence
I would do a sample from Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then have them repeat the activity during our writing block with a fairy tale they are working on or maybe even writing a different version of a famous fairy tale. 

This was really was a fantastic product and I was proud to be able to review Paula's product and get to know her a little more.  The product is Common Core Aligned as well as aligned to Australian Standards! 

You get all these goodies for only $4

She is wonderfully sweet and I want you to go visit her at her Teachers Pay Teachers Store or her blog Paula's has quite a few upper elementary products to offer and a wealth of math knowledge as well!!!

Please make sure to check out the linky over at Creative Playground and all the wonderful back to school products other bloggers have reviewed and shared!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm on Facebook...

So I had a facebook account of my own but I didn't do much to it because I love my blog so much.  My fear was and still is, how in the world can I keep up with everything I want to post.  I love my blog...It's a beautiful, cute place in my world.  but I won't post unless its just right.  You know what I am talking about #teacherperfectionists
So, I went over to my personal facebook page and made it my personal/professional everything I love about my life page..with the exception of my kids...I am still too scared to put my kids fully out into the online world.  My husband is a police detective and to say the very least, it ain't a pretty world no matter how pretty your blog and facebook pages may be...
I am going to try to cross post as many things as possible from here so I can keep my blog current (goal being twice weekly, once during the week and then on the weekend.)  I know I will be late to linky parties and currently's and Monday Made Its...that is unless I use those days to schedule posts.  I love thinking out loud and that I have place to do it :)  
Here are some things I have been posting to facebook and I hope you will click my facebook button on the left over there and be my friend or just like my page to get notifications!

Got some stuff moved into my classroom...check out the classroom library...I am in love with that space!  I am not done yet.  It will be post all by itself...Paper puffs and a tattooed teacher product to make the space come alive...that's all the teaser your gonna get!

 I have no shelving in my classroom...until NOW!!!  See how beat up this dumpster shelf was...I think the Rustoleum Company should send me some freebies to try because let me just tell you...I have spray painted two shelves and I don't know how many cans, tubs and bins...My feet even got in on the action from the backspray!!!

Now, I have a really great and skilled Daddy!  He built these shelves for me to go under the bulletin boards of my classroom.  You can see it action in the library picture above.  He did say that from now on, any other shelf building projects would be more of a team effort and when he said team he meant for me to come learn how to use power tools so I could do the job myself :)  #worldsbestdaddy #doityourselfer #noshelfclassroom

 Been doing some organizing and digipublishing...I loathe being able to see what is inside of my sterlite organizers, so I made some cutey patootey covers for the drawers.  I have found printing on photopaper is much better but photopaper is expensive and someone gave this package to me...#printingonphotopaper #colorprintingisexpensive

 For my bestie...I have been making these dry erase boards to put outside of my classroom and the classrooms of those I adore!  I am thinking of giving one a way (all custom and tricked out with colors and fonts of your choice...)  Whatcha think?

This is from an tip and trick I got from Krista Wallden's Summer VIP Club...I have learned so much from her this summer.  She should teach a class in cute!  And yes, I made these and yes, you can get them here by clicking the picture!  

Lastly, this is how far I have come in my #digipublishing endeavor since starting this little blog and joining the TPT community...(also inspired by the Creative Chalkboard)
So much more visually pleasing...interesting...higher quality...completely made by me!!!!!

I am so supercharged for the school year to has been a quick summer but in my situation with all the anticipation and unknowns, it has kind of been like waiting for Christmas and Santa Claus...I will likely be up all night the night before school starts like I was when I was a kid...