Monday, December 16, 2013

My bloggy buddy Deb is hosting a giveaway!!!

 I love Deb because she loves a giveaway as much as I do...I think there is a twelve step program out there somewhere for us and those of you like us
Head on over and enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card AND a $10 TPT gift cert!!!  I could certainly drink up a white chocolate mocha latte and snuggle in with my laptop for ten bucks of free stuff!!!  Couldn't you!!!
Well, Whatcha waiting for... Here's the link...
Merry Christmas and Happy Giveaway Entering :)
Thursday, December 12, 2013

I need some input on Daily 5 and Guided Math...

I know it is maniacal to even be thinking ahead for next year, but I tend to get this way around now.  I start reflecting as the year draws nearer to a close what I can do to make next school year run more smoothly than this one.  I am considering becoming a daily 5 classroom and doing guided math during my math time.  I am a self contained classroom, I know I can accomplish the common core math during guided math.  My concern is how I can make Daily 5 work for me and accomplish Common Core Language Arts standards.  In my mind, Daily 5 affords me a structure to meet with small groups of children and give them guided instruction at their appropriate guided reading levels.  As we all know, Common Core language arts standards are deep.  Currently, I spend about 30-45 minutes in whole group common core reading instruction, then we go to specials and then I do my own brand of literacy rotations/menu of activities.  It is during this time that I meet with small groups and we work on data driven literacy instruction.  This is where I pull out the two sisters materials from the CAFE book and use those to help me formulate small group instruction.  I would like to have feedback on how you accomplish the common core language arts instruction and make Daily 5 work in your own classrooms.  This will help me tremendously as I make instructional and organizational changes to better meet the needs of my students and to make teaching run more smoothly in my classroom.  Any thoughts you have on Guided Math are certainly welcome as well.  Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013
Hello!!!  I wanted to introduce you to the Melonheadz version of ME!!!!  Nikki over at Melonheadz Illustrating in conjunction with HoneyBunch Blog Design whipped her up for me!  I just love her so much!  She is even holding a laptop in her hand because I am forever trying to work on the go...I have three kids, a dog and a husband, a home to keep up, a classroom to keep up with, students to manage, papers to grade and the list goes on.  I have to literally walk around with the laptop in my hands and move it from room to room to get anything put together for TPT or to blog...The life of a busy momwifeteacher!!!!
Anywho...Thanks to Nikki for getting this together for me and for enduring my emails!  Love ya girl!!!

Graphics by Melonheads KG fonts
Hey All!  Happy Sunday! 
I hope you are warm and snug wherever you are!  We got some ice last night...I was not expecting this and at 7 this morning when the pelting of ice on my bedroom window woke me up...I panicked and got in the four wheel drive and braved ice to get to the store.  I was out of home essentials...Oreo cookies, Nestle Quik and was running low on TP. In a house of five people (three of those are oreo cookie hounds and chocolate milk-a-holics), you DO NOT RUN OUT OF THOSE THINGS!!!

My hubs did a little decorating before the ice hit...
 He made those trees...didn't even google how to do it!  I am so proud of him!!!
This is the view of the ice from my front porch...It looks beautiful but it was scary driving in it for sure!
So while I was staying home the rest of the day, I was doing my blog stalking reading and stumbled up this cute little switcheroo with a freebie and a giveaway!  Check out Deb and Joey have got cooked up!!!
The writing bulletin board and the craftivity are enough alone to get me reading!!!
Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Currently...

I am a little late to the PARTAY, but its really better late than never at all I always say!!! 
I am so excited to link up with Farley for the December currently!  I wish I could hang with Farley sometime in real time...don't you?  I'd bet I'd be laughing my jingle bells off, ya know!!  I digress, back to the Currently!!!
Can I say how cute this month's currently is btw...I love the font, I love the graphics, I just love love love it!! 


I am listening to my dryer roll and our aquariums run water through the filters. My children are nestled all snug in their beds and no Farley, I don't judge you one bit because my four year old snug and warm in MY bed as I type this...However,  I am a white noise fanatic...Can't do total silence, it is almost frightening...Maybe it makes me feel alone or enclosed...I have no idea, but something like this or a ceiling fan must be on in my house at all times...I know, total weirdee...

I am loving that all my babies are asleep.  Sleep is like contraband in this house, well it is for hubs and me anyhow...My kids like to put it on embargo and refuse to take part in it most nights.  But, it might be time for me to sleep but I have blogging to do and its my motto "I can sleep later!"

So I am taking a personal day on Friday and alls I can say it "MIGHTY WOOT WOOT!!!!"  I am going to take everyone to their usual places and I am going to shop and drop!!!  I am going to get hubs and my little Abby finished and then pick up the smallish things for the rest of our immediate family!

I want to increase my blog followers and also followers to my TPT store  I love blogging and selling on TPT, but I just can't see to do anything to raise my readership...If you want to help me then sign on to follow me on bloglovin and get to my store!!!

I need to finish my Christmas shopping which is the main reason for the personal day Friday.  I haven't been absent in a while so my kids were a little antsy today when I told them I would be out. 

Hubs and I haven't been married all that long, eight years, but we have a Christmas tradition...Each year we go and pick out a live tree.  This was not something we did when either of us were children, but it is something we wanted our children to remember and carry onto each of their families!  this year instead of buying a cut three, we are having one dug for us and will plant it outside our house after Christmas.  Hubs wants to leave a 2013 ornament on it all year round so we can collect these trees and photograph the kids next to them.  Sounds sweet huh?  I am really excited about doing this, and so is our oldest daughter.  She is four and has asked us numerous time where the Christmas tree is!!!  Shes so funny! 
So I am literally falling asleep atk to e keyboard, so night night and will talk with ya later!!

Whole Brain Teachin' BABY!!!

OK!  So my BFF and I did a presentation yesterday for our staff over Whole Brain Teaching...It was awesome!  Our staff had a good time, the remained engaged, we gave our prizes, we laughed...Just some good clean staff meeting fun!  I had been doing some WBT stuff in my room for a little while, up until Becky and I went to the Kentucky Reading Conference back in October.  We were kinda bored really and were contemplating leaving.  But, it was a day without students or children, so we stuck it out.  Boy are we glad we did.  We both teach classes who are talkative to say the least.  We were blown away by these two graphics alone...

Our staff was as well. It was the best  presentation I have ever done!  My BFF and I make a great team!!  She is yin to my yang, my spaghetti to this meatball, she is the calm and I am the storm :) 
Today, I don't know if I was coming off a presenter's high or what, but I was on fire in my whole brain classroom today, AND so where my big kidlings!  I was super withit today and was patient and used every moment as teachable moments.  They got the Guff counter today and were so funny!  At first they asked me to please stop when I was putting the guff counter points up there.  I asked who they were asking to stop and they said, "YOU!"  I said, "I am not the one complaining now am I!"  So they looked at the child who was complaining and in almost unison said "PLEASE STOP!"  I just turned and erased the guff points.  The whole rest of the day was spent with students monitoring each other's behavior and more than once I heard "please stop" and wasn't able to react because the students themselves handled the situations.  I almost and I stress almost don't want holiday break to get here very soon because I don't want the momentum to run out and have to reteach all over again come January!  You know what I am talking about!  Check back soon...I just did a major photo and video dump from my iphone and ipad so I can take pictures of these kiddos in action!  I am such a proud teacher today! 
Go Sharks!!!