Monday, January 27, 2014

Out of the winter woods...NOT!!!!!!!

 Old man winter visited the bluegrass this past week and even though I was off school for AN ENTIRE WEEK...I didn't blog much due to no wifi.  I did what I could do on my phone but short of that, it was quiet in my blog world. 
But I did do this...
We had such an awesome "unplugged" time!  Hubs braved the roads to go Lowe's and buy sleds.  We don't usually have winter like this in Kentucky so he had to drive to the next county to get them!!!  Crazy I know!  I am so blessed to have such a sweet and wonderful little family and then to be gifted this extra time to spend with them was just too wonderful! I learned how much of a daredevil my oldest and boldest daughter is...She is a tough country cookie in a girly-girl package.  That last pick is her on the bobsled down into our front field.  I learned my baby girl is not quite the wild child she seems to be, especially when in a new and unfamiliar situation.  I learned my youngest baby boy is a go with the flow kinda guy who likes to hang with his daddy...
Isn't he a cutie patootie!!!
Mommy's little band of snow angels (and ol' Molly, the eternal pup)
Hubs also got himself a new electric smoker!  He is in heaven, a smoked meat heaven!  He has taken care of dinner for two straight nights...smoked chicken wings and a whole chicken one night and then smoked ribs and chicken breast the next night.  We are having smoked brisket tomorrow night.  I am loving not having to cook the hard stuff!!  He loves cooking outdoors and this has made his winter! I am not posting pictures because if I did, you would demand smell-o-vision...
Just found out we have another day off tomorrow due to temps being in single digits.  As I was driving into school this morning, I saw a dad and a little guy walking to school this morning and I am thankful I work for a district that at least has the wherewithal to consider children and their families that walk to school when we have really dangerous weather.  I couldn't imagine being out in -10 degree weather walking my little one to school.  I won't let my animals stay out when we have single digits much less than below zero which is what the weather man is calling for in the bluegrass for the next two days. 
I posted a really great product over at Shearer-ly Sadler 4th Grade's TPT shop.  It's the first in a product line I have been working on called Grab N' Go Teach.  It's an all inclusive math (for now)lesson plan including a manipulative for interaction during small groups, guided practice and/or homework sheets, a set of task cards and a quiz.  It congruent to the standard it addresses, in this case 4.NF.4a. 
I just started my specialist degree in instructional leadership/principal and I want to have a much tighter grasp on all the standards...SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO I'll trade you a freebie and a chance to get this product for free if you give me some feedback to help differentiate for grades 3 and 5.  I will send you the worksheets from the packet for your time. Leave me your feedback in comments and don't forget your email address for the attachments.   If you mention this product on  your blog and follow my blog, you could win this Grab N' Go Teach activity.  Simply leave me a link to your blogpost and the name you follow under and I will choose a winner at random.  I will choose the winner tomorrow night  at 10 pm EST (just in case there is school on Wednesday and I have to go to bed) so don't wait!!!
Thanks for your help and I am off to bed!!!  Have a Tubular Tuesday!!!
Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade

I on ATUE! Today...Go check me out and get you some freebies!!!

All Things Upper Elementary: Guest Poster Shearer-ly Sadler: RACE Reading Responses

Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm entirely too busy for my own life!!!

 I think I am a crazy person. I feel like a big ol' blogger letdown...I can't remember the last time I blogged but I have been working like cray cray on some products for Shearerly Sadler 4th grade.  I also lost a follower over there!   I don't have that many and to lose one kind of hurt a little.  If I don't get these products posted all of you all are going to defect on me and I will never get to have a big giveaway (that was for you Deb!)   
I have been doing some cool things in the classroom since going back to school.  Tune in over at ATUE on Monday and read my guest post over there to get a looky lou at what me and my gang have been up to with biographies.  Its just the start of something great I tell ya!  We are neck deep in fractions in my classroom as well...and I have to say, I love the common core math standards.  I have really been a teacher these past two years of common core inception in Kentucky.  Here is a peek at what I am working on for 4 NF 4 A B & C...
We were supposed to have district walkthroughs today (a surprise visit that my awesome principal refused to let us be surprised by).  I was going to use this to teach 4NF4A in small groups and some other great things like Snowball Smack from Tara at 4th Grade Frolics, Task Cards from Math Mojo (love me some Math Mojo products), homework and assessments from the Awesome Jennifer Findley...Now these are all things I would be using anyway, but I wanted to show off my TPT and Blogger Pride today since it is TPT and the blogosphere which has totally reshaped my classroom and how I teach in the world today.  I love having a global presence in my curriculum, cause Lord knows I do not corner the market on creativity, organization or planning!  However, with all the great resources I have come across in the past year, I feel like a force to be reckoned with!  My district has taken notice or so I've been told! 
I just decided to take on a specialists degree!  I should probably be seeing a specialist right now because I am just not busy enough!!!  I started my classes this week and I registered late, praying some financial aid comes through.  Its just one of those things the good Lord puts on your heart to do and you do it and ask questions later.  My hubs is in full support of me doing this...Plus, I am a big old school nerd.  I love learning and sitting in a classroom just reminds me why I do what I do! But, today was a snow day and since the world (including the roads) are blanketed in white, I do not have class tonight.  I think its one of those hybrid classes where you have a couple face to face meetings but the rest is on blackboard.  I will let you know what I find out.  My prof is supposed to email the deets later on today he said.  This is my foundational class, my other class is a full face to face gig and is teaching at risk students.  This is right up my alley since I teach at a school with a sizeable at risk population. 
AND, I have an applied learning student from the University where I am doing my graduate work, My Alma Mater, Eastern Kentucky University.  This girl was one of our former students (hence I am getting old) and she is going to be a wonderful teacher.  No reservations, jumped right in on her first day to work with kids.  She wrote a quiz on her first day and I gave it Friday.  Supervising her might be the easiest thing I do this semester!  Since she went to school there, the only thing I had to show her was how to use the copier.  Easier than supervising a student teacher with all the perks of one!  I have been lucky...3 of 4 really good ones aint too shabby! 
So as you can tell, I am one busy little woman.  But, I couldn't call it life if I was sitting on the couch blogging all day...There would be nothing to talk about!  My family, my career, my hobbies keep me busy and gives me something to look forward to each day.  So, I wanted to leave you with a little freebie, one that makes my life a bit easier when I need to time to do other thing and still be the mama who feeds her family.  Literally just put it in the oven add to it once and a few hours later dinner is on the table.  I will post up the leftovers recipe next week!  Just right click and save picture!  Enjoy my friends!!!
Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade
Saturday, January 4, 2014

New product, a little bit O Wow and life as I knew it...

 First for the little bit O blog has been viewed 3700 times.  Now, I am sure I am responsible for like 1700 of those, but OMG!!!  That's a heckuva lotta views right?!?!? 
Also, another little bit O Wow, I was asked to guest blog over at All Things Upper Elementary!  I am so excited!  Now, I am stressing over what I will share with their readers! 
SSSSOOOOOOO...Let me secondly apologize for being MIA from my blog for almost a month.  I have been going through a really tough time, family speaking, but never fear!  There are different seasons in a persons life and there are also things in this life that stop a person in their tracks and have them taking inventory of all things in their lives they value most.  I am in a season where my life as I knew it for a very long time was brought to a screeching halt.  It was a good thing this happened because it has done nothing but brought me closer to my husband and children and made me a better child of God.  I can't share the gories, but just hug the people you love the most extra tight and give thanks that they love you back! 
Which brings me to a new product...(That was a horrible segue really)  Anywho...I have like 20 products started and either no time to work on any of them or no clue what real direction I want to go with them.  But, I made myself finish this one so I could put something in my store.  I think there might be cobwebs over at the Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade TPT shop its been so long since I have posted a new product.  But as always, my products are  50% off during the first 24 hours of posting!!  I love this game series...
This game is a game of speed and accuracy and a real brain test for those basic division facts.  You need 3 players, a human, a calculator (run by a human) and a score keeper.
The score keeper flips the cards and the human tries to formulate the answer to the problem before the calculator.  If they do, they get a point, if they don't the calculator gets the point.  In the event of a tie, both get a point.  Each round runs for ten minutes. 
My students beg for this game so it is always in a center during my guided math time. 
Click on the pic to pick one up for half off while you can!!
Well my friends, it is time to bid you farewell for the evening...tomorrow is my last day of break unless Kentucky freezes over Monday and Tuesday (which according to my mother and the weather man, it could)  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a great week ahead!
Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade