Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 Hello friends!  Its been a thousand years since I posted anything and for good reason...I am swamped!  Second grade is not what I remembered it to be.  And, I am finding myself resting on my fourth grade laurels in order to get through each day.  We teach common core and I have word study and writing as well as small groups and I just don't know how I am going to meet everyone's needs!!!
So I come to you my fellow teacher bloggers, can I get sample schedules or advice.  I have read the Daily 5 book and have been trying to do that, but until I get my second grade feet wet or at the very least, get into the pool, I need to get a handle on the basic literacy structures.  Could I do nothing but small group?  What will the other students be doing so that I am not wrestling behaviors the whole time...So many things, so many things...I love second graders, they are so eager and willing to learn and they love to show off what they know...that much I have learned in the last four weeks.  I hope I can get some really good advice...Thanks!!