Friday, October 25, 2013

Series #2 Halloween Multiplication 2 digit times 2 digit Task Cards

I love me some task cards.  It's one of the first purchases I made on TPT!!  I love their versatility more than anything!!!  I like handing them out for exit slips!  Quick and dirty assessment and I know where you are!!!  Plus, I can give different ones to different kiddos and no one can CHEAT!! 
Here is the 2 digit times 2 digit set I created for the season.  This accompanies my multi digit times 1 digit set.  Yes, I do plan to bundle them for a lower price!!!

My kids loved the first set and are looking forward to this set on Monday!  They saw me working on them today at recess.  They said, "Mrs. Sadler, you make the cutest things!!!"

Tobi :)
Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trick or Treat Blog Hop from the Teaching Tribune...

I have just collected the most amazing freebies from this blog hop! Click on the pic to be taken on a trick or treat freebie adventure!!

Go check it out and share the love!!!!
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Duck Dynasty Day at Shearer Elementary

This was a very fun day for our students!!  Everyone really embraced the day. And, how often is there a reality show that famines can sit down and watch together. That is my love affair with the Robertson, loving and devotion to family and the good Lord.  See how our Shearer Family embraced the day!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Appy Hour is HERE!!!!! My first linky!!!

To kick off this weekly linky party, I am going to start off with one of my favorite apps to use in instruction, the Show Me app
Click on the icon to be taken to the webpage.  This FREE app is versatile and allows students to be able to show their work and begin working on something else.  They are able to show their work and wait for me to circulate to them.  Then I can see their work in action.  While they are waiting for me, they can play another math app/game to reinforce computation skills.  I like Sushi Monster from Scholastic
Even though my four year old can't do computation, she likes this app and with my help she can be successful. 
I hope you link up with me so we can get more than instructional apps in classrooms!!!
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

K5 Learning...Blog Review Freebie...

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students.  I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program.  If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their  open invitation to write an online learning review of their program. - See more at:

I am going to put one of my students who helps me out afterschool along with my niece who is in K and stays with me every afternoon.  This preview/free trial will in no way influence the content of this blog.  I will be honest with my opinions of this or any program! 

Tobi :)

Halloween Multiplication Task Cards...

Have you ever made something more difficult than it had to be?  I do this all the time, literally all the time!  I had started these task cards back in JUNE!  I love holiday themed products and it was one of the first things I started working on when I entered the BIZNIS world of TPT.  Well, I wanted the questions to be just right (which is why I am struggling with literacy task cards) and I most certainly don't want to infringe copyrights...SSOOOOOO, I just put it away and decided to work on it later. 

Then today, later came knocking on my classroom door and I needed task cards to play a game of scoot.  BUT, we have been working on computation fluency and I wanted to honor that so I changed "Scoot", to "Mozy Along and Work At Your Own Pace" (MAWAYOP...I don't think any acronym could be applied to that :))  Anywho, the kids liked working in that atmosphere and loved helping one another work through the standard algorithm for multiplication.  I was crabby today and didn't take any pictures, but we will play again because we didn't get finished today and I will include pictures of students doing what students are supposed to be doing...workin'!  

Here is the product and it will be 50% off for the first 24 hours of posting. 

Tobi :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yeah!!!!! Monday Made It!!!!!!!

I love the second Monday of the month!  I look so forward to linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it!!! 

I have two Monday Made Its today.  I can only claim that I made one of them.  My supremely talented sister in law Lori at "Wonderopolis" made the others for me!!

My daughter, Abby, turned three and I love making custom invites and party favors for each of my kids.  I like to  make as much of their party décor as possible, but with teaching and managing my home and family, it gets crunchy. So, I made these two things and treat bags!!


 This is my oldest daughter making cupcakes for her sister.  We used that new Pillsbury happy birthday funfetti icing in colors.  We chose purple for Sophia the First!! 
Here is my tiny birthday girl!  She rarely ever sits still for a pic!!!  She is wearing #2 of my Monday Made Its!!
My Sister-in-law, Lori, has started embroidery and making bows and a host of other creative endeavors.  I am fortunate that she allows my kids to model her latest creations! 
She whipped up this little birthday shirt in like a half hour!!  Hair bow too!!
 These two are precious.  Shed been planning this  one for a while.  Abby will wear this to her preschool entrance evaluation!!!
 These are my babies Halloween shirts.  We are Disney Freaks around this house and everyone knows it.  Lori saw this on her embroidery sites she visits.    She said "get the patterns and the shirts and I'll make them up!"  My oldest has already worn hers to school and everyone loved it!!
Her blog "Wonderopolis" will be up an running soon so you can see all the wonderful things she and my brother can create!!
Those are my MMI's...Can't wait to see what you link up!!!
Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shearerly Sadler is Having A SALE!!!!!!!

I feel like I am now are part of the teacher blogging community!  I am throwing a sale at Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I just added a new product that my students L-O-V-E with a large puffy heart love!!!  They ask to play this game EVERYDAY!   No lyin'!!
I am so grateful to each one of you that is following this little blog.  I started this blog because it looked like a cool thing to do, but I love all the connections I have made so far and all the different things I have learned!  Deb Hansen, thank you for all the exposure you have given me on your blog, that has meant the world to me! 

Tobi :) Shearer-ly Sadler 4th Grade
Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Bloggy Buddy Just Turned 1,000!!!

Click on the image above to hop over to Deb's blog and enter her 1000 TpT follower giveaway!  I and several other TpT sellers have donated resources to Deb's giveaway, so there's lots to be won! 
Raffle #2
One winner will receive all of this: 

Good luck!

Graphic Credits: 
Mini-Me by The Library Fox
Bubbles Background by Krista Wallden
Frame by Lovin Lit
Monday, October 7, 2013

Duck Dynasty Day at Shearer Elementary...I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for Thursday to come...#1.  It is the last day of my work week because we are on fall break until Tuesday 10/15.  And for #2. 
I totally happened upon the original flyer by accident.  I was checking out to leave for the day.  My preschool aged daughters had a dentist appointment with the Devil Dentist as she is now referred to.  (I digress, story for another day, perhaps even another blog)  As I was checking out, I saw what my sweet principal had printed up.  Well, if you know the post TPT-Blog World discovered me, you should know I don't do black and white, nor do I do no graphics.  So I asked her if she minded if I ran home before I took the girls to the devil dentist and cutified this with my Melonheadz Illustrating Robertsons Tribute Bundle I got a few weeks ago...If you are a Duck Dynasty Fan at all, you have to get this set.  It has been the biggest hit in my classroom! 
I called my principal after I emailed the PDF and they were already in printing and getting ready to be cut and passed out for students to take home.  I was stoked and so appreciative that my principal would let me share my new little talent with everyone! 
So much fun, but so addictive.  I could just sit at my teachers desk and create all day long, but I have those pesky common core standards to teach!  But, this little digital habit of mine has made teaching a whole lot more fun and I have never been more into knowing my standards because I try to create new and original activities and lessons everyday!  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The first of the month is a great time!  I move my classroom around, I get to change décor (a little bit) and I get to participate in Farley's CURRENTLY!!!!!  If you have not done a currently with Farley, head on over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade and link up!!!

Here is my October Currently...

I am listening to my four year old boss my three year old daughter and my little one year old son around while I do this..."I told you" she keeps telling them.  Before I enrolled her in preschool she didn't talk very plainly...No after a full year of preschool and speech therapy, she is bossing us all around.  She comes by it honestly, her mommy  Daddy is the bossy one! 

I am loving that October, for me anyways, kicks off the holiday season.  I am so excited about decorating for the next three months!  What I don't like is that Christmas will appear at Walmart very soon, even before we trick or treat!  I know this because I am at Walmart about everyday...I like to take these next three months slowly and enjoy every day of it I am given.  Its a pity that there is only three months of it. 

I am thinking about how in the world I will get a hold of my class tomorrow after being off sick for two days.  Someone in my house has been sick with this icky fever, sore throat and body aches for the last week and a half.  My oldest daughter had it first, then my three year old daughter, then me and then my little son is recovering from it now.  Really good subs are in short supply in my school district right now.  I am picky and usually try to only use one or two for the year.  But, when your calling in for a sub at 3 and 4 am, you have to take what you can get.  SSSSSOOOOOOOOO, there is no telling what I will be walking back into tomorrow.  Sometines, I think it would be more worth it to work sick then to make up for lost time...

I want a new do!!!  Farley's is look sharp!  I had three kids in four years.  They are ages four and under...I should probably just shave my head.  I won't have nice hair again until my youngest is in middle school and then I am sure it will have already started to fall out with worry about having two teenaged drop dead gorgeous daughters. 

I am in desperate need of a Fall Girls Getaway...It would have to be someplace close and cheap.  I have never been away from my kids and I have to face the fact...I am the El Cheapo of this family.  Maybe just a day trip to do something about this hair and maybe my nails would make me feel better :)

So, my little treat is Origami Owl.  I got this little bit of love last Christmas from my sister in law. 
Check out  Living Lockets are fun to create and make great gifts!!!
Well, that's it for this months currently!  Enjoy this time with your family and friends and stay safe this Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bllaahhh! I feel yuckO!!!

OK, so this strange bug is taking over my house!  My sweet preschooler had to stay home last Monday and Tuesday with a low grade fever, sore throat and body aches..Then my tiny precocious three year old got the same thing two days ago, myself today and now my little precious baby boy has it.  My hubs is on a business trip and I am here, holding down the fort.  Call me super mom, call me crazy (that's what most people do :))  I could really use another day of rest, however, I have one of those classes this year that just can't function without me.  I have to do some much extra work when I have a sub, that it is almost worth going to school sick!  This morning, that was just not an option.  I could hardly move I hurt so bad.  But, I did get great rest today.  My mother in law comes in every Monday and Tuesday from the next town over and keeps my kids while I work, right here at home!!!  It's been a quiet night here at the compound, which is good.  Its kind of nice having my babies all to myself.  I miss my hubs of course, but great bonding time with my kiddos! 

So tomorrow, I will go to school and try to get my class back under control and start my week over again, and on hump day no less!  I hope all of you have had a great week so far and I'm when I feel better, I think I am going to have a sale at my TPT store! 

Peace out friends!
Shearerly Sadler 4th Grade