Saturday, July 20, 2013

Everyday Counts Calendar principal bought this for our intermediate wing around October of last school year and I have yet to wrap my head around it. 
I want to use it with fidelity this year, but I'm not sure.  Anyone out there use this and have success stories they want to share with me?  I'm going to lie down and read some of this teachers guide right now. Really...I'm going to read this as my bedtime story, no playing. I know you think I'm kidding😜😜

Friday, July 19, 2013

Personalized dry erase boards

These were the easiest things...EVER!! 
I had these little frames 8x10, and I was just going to make these up for my team. Then I got the idea to make them in our school colors for every classroom in my building. Then I got sad for those folks without classrooms, but are still teachers. Every adult at Shearer Elementary School is a teacher! So I made one for everyone!  My wonderful principal agreed to purchase my supplies (very basic frames and dry erase markers) and print the inserts on our color copier. All I have to do is cut and insert. I'm super excited about these. I am going to promote my TPT store by sticking a label to the back of the frame. But hey, I did make 'em. 
I really think ill put this in my store as a customizable but I don't know what to charge for it. I was thinking 1.25. I'm still a back seller!!  Let me know what your thoughts are on this question and as usual , I appreciate your thoughts and direction as I grow in this blog eat blog cyber world. 😜
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another man trash is another teachers treasure!!!

Well, it's not another mans's my trash. I saw some things on Pinterest I wanted to recreate.  So my box top container was born!  Then I have always wanted to recycle my canned goods cans so got me some spray paint and made some label wraps on my laptop and VOILA!!! Upcycled recycling!!
I would start a business if I could stand to touch other people's trash!  I might just put these in my TPT store if I get the notion...
Look out Monday Made It!  Here I come!
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I need some blog help!

I have spent nearly the whole day looking for premade pinterest, teachers pay teachers and teachers notebook buttons on teachers pay teachers and I have yet to find them.  I know they exist, I just can't put my mouse pointer on them.  If you have some really cute  buttons and want to help me put some really cute buttons on my blog...I would appreciate it so very much!!!

UPDATE!!! thank you to those of you who offered your sweet help to get my buttons going! I found a tutorial so I could do it myself over at Jessica Stanfords blog and I figured it out...all but the email button.  That really takes you no where (RIGHT NOW)...So if you want to learn how to create buttons for your blog, pop on over there to Jessica's blog and click on her "techy things" link and she will walk you through!!!  Thanks again guys!!
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classroom Decor Pack and New School Year Decoration...

So after deciding that I was going to do a color theme for my classroom this year, I created this and put it in my store just now!  The colors are my school colors, and that is where I get the name for my blog.  I work at Shearer Elementary so hence the name Shearer-ly Sadler...
Here is my décor pack

I worked so hard on this to make it just exactly what I wanted and then I remembered that not everyone needs the same things I do in my room so I made parts of it progammable.  I have been busy spray painting baskets and bin and finding ribbon and weaving that ribbon into baskets and bin.  I have got to get to school and laminate a bunch of this stuff I made.  I have been having so much fun with my new hobby that I nearly forgot that I have curriculum to plan...Those pesky new science standards don't unpack themselves!!!
Anywho...If you purchase this pack I hope you enjoy...I do plan on breaking some parts out and selling those as individual pieces...Not everyone needs everything in this package and I refuse to let anyone throw money away on things they don't need!!!
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My first item is in my store!!!!!!!!

Of course it has to be a freebie, but its there and I am official and everything!!!  Check it out yo...
I am so super stoked about this!  All I want to do is make more stuff and add more stuff!  Yeah Me!!
Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Join up with Farley's Linky!  You will meet so many fun bloggers!!
I have been listening to Diego since my oldest r daughter was 18 months old.  Go Go as she called him was one  of her first words.  He has made a comeback in my car since we have been watching Diego DVD's and now my 2 year old daughter can't get enough of him!  He is like family around here!  My washer and dryer have been working over time and I decided I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with laundry, mostly with putting it  decided I would just do smaller loads and I actually get the clothes put away instead of living out of laundry baskets day after day.  My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with shoes and likes to take mine off and wear them.  Just now she was laughing at my toe nails needing some work! 

I am loving my smaller loads of laundry since I don't have clothes laying around everywhere!  My hubs is happier to.  I have just opened a store on TPT and I may be getting in over my head, I am very excited about it and how my teaching blog is taking shape.  I don't have many followers yet, but I am sure that will come as I build my product list and get some of my stuff pinned on my pinterest board!  My third child, my only boy will turn 1 on July 4th!  He came a little early last year and was definitely fireworks for my hubs and me, but he has completed my family and changed us in so many wonderful ways, just as I knew he would. 

I am thinking about getting all my bills under control for once and getting my family budget straight and tight.  I am kind of a cheap-o and am probably the only woman in the world who does not really like to shop.  Hubs thinks I am freak of nature, but he is the family shopper, not me.  I go do the grocery shopping and anything else is scheduled!  I have made a ton of back to school work for myself this year actually making a color scheme for my classroom this year!  But that's ok!  It will make it fun and inviting place for kids to learn.  I am even thinking about doing home visits for the first time this year.  I really connected with my students and their families last year, I want to keep that going this year!  I think I have a great group lined up and am VERY excited about that!  I have half a million things to do for my baby boys party mostly house cleaning.  Our WHOLE family is coming to this party and I want the house to be like Better Homes N Garden clean!

I SO NEED A NEW COMPUTER!!!! I have deleted my currently jpeg about six times because the keyboard is jacked up and the cursor jumps all over the place.  My printer is an older dell 810 all in one and the print quality is not good.  Nothing looks really vibrant when its printed.  Hubs says my stuff looks cheap!  He's a cop, he just blurts out what he thinks!  I need to learn how to "grab buttons" from other peoples blogs.  I don't know how to do that or where to put them on my blog.  If you have any tips or hints on that please let me know!!!  I have three kids and there are some nights when my husband works late and I am like a single mom with three kids.  They all need me so much because they are so little.  Tonight I wanted a couple of mommy clones because at one point, everyone was crying!  I almost cried too...but I got my big girl pants on, sucked it up and powered through.  Now we are all in bed and I am finishing this Currently!

My Tip...Once my 4 year old daughter started playing 1-2-3 clean up, I haven't had to clean up one of her messes!  She tells me to count each time there is something to clean up and VOILA, the mess is cleaned up!!!