Saturday, June 29, 2013

I ❤ dollar tree and dollar general!!!

Ok, I never have really done theme colors in my classroom before but enter the blog world and you will find a whole new and wonderful place where classrooms are beautiful and organized!!  They are cute and crafty. Here are my dollar tree purchases for this year!  My colors are blue, black n gray so you'll have to
Imagine the pink baskets are black until my hubs gets home with my plastic paint!  I'll update after I get everything repainted.
Ok. So I got all my painting done and found that I really like this crafting thing. 
Here are my new baskets. I used valspar semi gloss black paint for plastic that hubs got at lowes it worked great and cleans up really well. 

Totally Made It

😘I totally made this. Well I didn't make the structure by any means😆. I spray painted and made the drawer labels!!  Thanks Kristen D. For her directions!!
This product is now in my store!!!!  I think these are so so cute!  
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Currently" Linky Party? I am not even sure this is the right way to do this but here goes nothing!

So I don't know if I am doing this right or not, but anyone who knows me knows I'll try it out and make it work someway, somehow!  Here is my currently for the month of June...
Listening to my Abby play hard at 2 am might not be the choice of many, but this is her reality and I just have to make the best of it so I am blogging :)

Loving that I out of school for the summer to recharge my batteries.  Had a VERY challenging class this past year that tested my human limits...they were one of my favorite groups of kiddos go figure?!?!!?

Thinking that I am totally doing this currently thing WRONG since I am a baby blogger and just now getting going with this stuff.  I only found blogs, Pinterest and TPT this school year and I have grown a lot in my blogging babyhood!  I still don't know a thing about grabbing buttons and making my blog as cute as the Jones's but I will get there!!!

Needing to get Abby on a sleep schedule before she graduates college, which I am sure she will still sleep all day and then take night classes or online classes so she can do her work during "her" peak hours!!!

Vacay Essentials...My Ipad, its like an American Express Card for me, I never leave home without it.  We are Die Hard Disney Vacationers so I ALWAYS MUST HAVE GOOD SHOES TO  WALK IN...I have found that my tennies or Teva sandals/flip flops will always do the job.  Also, a vacay or everyday must have is our local softdrink, Ale 8 1.  Its a ginger ale-ish tasting softdrink and I have one everyday and take them with us on any vacation we go on!