Monday, April 25, 2016

APP life-teacher apps

 I love things that make my life easy.  I am busy, I am on the go alot. I need to be able to do things on the run.  So imagine my suprise today to find my favorite online planning software has an app and even better, I could get it on google play! 
I finished my plans today while I was waiting for a parent to pick up student afterschool while sitting out in front of the school on the steps.  No laptop, not cords, no notebook, just me and my phone! 

 I love from my computer.  I am able to quickly write plans and be able to include learning targets and keep track of the standards I have been teaching.  There are so many features on planbook that I use often such as extending lessons so that I don't have to retype everything, everyday.  For example, I do morning work every single morning, without fail (except on Ipad day).  So, I typed in morning work left a place to write in the number I am on.  I also keyed in ELA and a blank space to write down the standard we practiced that morning.  Then I hit extend and It extends to all the days of the week and all I have to do is write in the numbers.  Now, back to the app...nearly all the features I use from the web are available on my phone, and extend is one of them.  I think I am gonna go ahead and write next weeks plans tonight after dinner, in my jammies, when I put the kids to bed.  I know it sounds crazy but if it makes me that happy and makes my teacher mom life that much easier, then why the heck not.  It is hard to imagine that I might be able to plan for the next 3.5 weeks that we have left of school but I can see it happening.  This app just turned this type B do class by the seat of my pants on certain days teacher into a type A planning machine!  Seriously!
What apps make your teacher life easier?  Inquiring minds want to know, and if they don't, I do.  Really.  I love an app that makes me a more productive teacher so that I can be a happier mommy!


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