Sunday, April 24, 2016

Using MyFitnessPal to track 21 Day Fix containers

Because I love all my teacher moms here I had to share this!  I am doing 21dayfix before our disney trip and I have time to do exactly two rounds.  I love my fitbit and I love being able to have everything at my fingertips.  This is what I needed!  I am going to set up my fitness pal to do this right now!  This is not my video...the link to follow this youtube channel is on her youtube page.  But this was too good not to share!

I am going to do a Teacher Mom Fitness Linky so we can be fit teacher moms for the upcoming school year!  And don't forget, you don't have to be a teacher mom to be part of the fun!  You can be a teacher dad, a teacher pet mom, a teacher pet dad, a teacher grandmom or granddad, a teacher or a teacher mom to doesn't matter really!  Its about sharing, caring, lifting each other up and taking care of one another.  Good luck in your health and fitness journey if you are on one...if you aren't, I hope you will come on my journey with me!
Love and hugs to you all!

UPDATE!  The Next Day...I set up my fitness pal with my containers.  There are not enough places to do this.  I had to have a place to record any junk I might eat.  I am a visual person and being able to see how much junk goes into my mouth!  So, Since I rarely eat what is in the blue container (too many cheeses and I am not really much of a nut eater, I chose to combine blue and junk...And I combined orange and teaspoons.  This way I can see all I want to see and all I need to see in one place.  I am telling you people!  My mind is blown.  I have been tracking all day and I see how easy this can be the use these two programs together.  Don't be too caught up in the food description.  I think if you use your best judgement and the eating is clean, just choose the generic option unless you know it was Hillshire farms lunch meat you ate from your red container and you know exactly how many slices you put in there!  Here's to making things easy and doing it smarter and not harder! 


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